Boadi, Boadi, Boadi

Boadi has a private art gallery in his bedroom, and he rotates the paintings out as they sell–which has the added benefit of changing the decor of his room periodically. When I visited, one wall of his tiny room was presided over by a huge, impressionistic beach scene in sunny blues and sandy tans; on another wall was a beautiful charcoal cityscape. He pulled canvasses out from behind the bed and corners of the room, showing me different works and explaining proudly that he had something for everyone.

Boadi works with huge swipes of paint–so large that he has trouble buying enough, especially white oil paint, which is hard to come by in Ghana. He showed me his canvases, on which he heaps the pigments.

Boadi's palettes, which are almost larger than the artist himself.


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2 Responses to Boadi, Boadi, Boadi

  1. Helen Theron says:

    I have a painting (oil) of horses running way from a storm in a desert. the signature looks like M Boadi (with the M being three stripes straight down and one vertical on top turning in to the B) is this a painting that the he has done? how do I contact him to find out?
    Many Thanks

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