Nortelokko paints prolifically, often all night. His passion is evident in the quantity and diversity of his canvases, on which he paints both abstract, impressionistic, and realistic works. He explained that a painter always has to be doing new things and trying new ideas. “If you stop growing as a painter,” he advised, “you should stop… you need to keep learning and trying new things.”

Nortelokko painting of Maasia of East Africa

Norte often paints the Maasia people of East Africa.

Nortelokko fishing boat.

Nortelokko's people are Ga, which come from the coastal areas of Ghana and traditionally fish.

Larger view of Nortelokko’s Maasai painting. 

Nortelokko's "The mountains are alive in Alaska."

Nortelokko--always adaptable-- painted the mountains of Alaska for me. The work is titled, "The mountains are alive in Alaska."

A recent graduate from art school in Accra, Titi originally went to school for textiles before he discovered painting.

Nortelokko works on a joint painting of a Ghanaian market with a student, me, who he was teaching to use a pallette knife.

Nortelokko enjoys painting abstracts, like the Ghanaian master Wiz Kudor.

The eyes and profiles in Nortelokko's paintings add depth to the abstracts.

An abstract of Nortelokko's in green.

A whimsicle landscape from Ghana, which Norte calls "imagination painting."

Another imagination landscape.

Mountains and a blue and yellow sky.

Beautiful clothing is a sign of status in Ghana, and often depicted in paintings.

A city scape of Ghana, with figures characteristic of Accra.


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