Robert Anim

Robert Anim has a cramped but colorful studio from the compound of his house in the center of Accra. He’s quick to smile and quick to assure you that his paintings sell quickly–especially the fish style. He also loves painting in abstract, especially if he can incorporate the symbols unique to Ghana.

Robert Anim's brown fish.

Anim often paints fish, for their beauty and symbolism, in different colors.

Anims variation on fish painting in sea green.


Anim paints Cape Coast

Anim paints Cape Coast, a city in the Western region of Ghana on the Atlantic Ocean

An abstract by Anim, showing his trademark circles and repeating lines in bright colors.

This patchwork painting of Anims shows symbols like the crocodile which have meanings in Ghana. For example, a heart symbolizes "know your roots," and a turtle, because it lives both in the water and land, conveys adaptability.

 Anim’s paintings come from his imagination, and he’s quite prolific.


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